Net Lease Fund Characteristics

Leases that are long-term rental obligations. Our net lease investments are generally long-term leases, often 12 to 15 years, with contractual rent increases, creating the foundation for stable, growing cash flow in the form of rent escalations.

Investment Grade Tenants. The cornerstone of EGM’s investment strategy is a commitment to investment grade quality tenants. High credit quality minimizes cash flow risk and provides maximum liquidity at exit.

Corporate guarantees from tenants backing the lease obligations. Performance of the long term rental obligations is guaranteed by the corporate tenant, significantly reducing the risk of a tenant vacancy and or any associated re-tenanting costs.

Properties that are significant to the operations of the corporate tenants. Our real estate assets are operationally essential to the corporate tenant’s business model and often include significant tenant investment in infrastructure improvements.

A portfolio of assets diversified over the Industrial, Office, and Retail sectors. EGM’s net lease funds invest across multiple real estate sectors, primarily focused on industrial, office, and retail properties, to capitalize on the benefits of each sector and provide additional risk displacement through diversification.